Because you’re not here to create just another book, script, course, program, etc. You have an entire galaxy of masterpieces, movements + magic begging to be born.

Here’s the thing:

There is a deeper power resonating inside you.

You feel it, don’t you?

That thing that only you can do.

And in a quest to find the spark that makes you special + makes you stand out, you turn to everything but you.

...You read The War of Art (Steven Pressfield), Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert), The Gifts of Imperfection (Brené Brown).
...You complete the “14+ personality tests that’ll help you figure yourself out.”
...You hire coaches to help you brand, help you market, help you fine tune your message, audience, offer, etc.
...You journal ALL. THE. QUESTIONS.

… Yet you still walk away with that uncomfortable feeling in your gut that says you haven’t quite put your finger on it.

When will it be your turn to finally create something that stops the world in its tracks and inspires them to see you?

That’s why I’m here… to help you not just find your magic -- uninhibited by outside voices -- but to access it anytime, anywhere, in a way that feels amazing to you!

Leave this weekend feeling totally confident you’ll be able to:

book icon

Finish your
bestselling book.

course icon

Create your
signature course.

Launch icon

Start your
new business.

Keynote icon

Craft your
keynote address.

Fans icon

Reach + inspire more
stark raving fans.

World icon

Make your mark in
your industry +
the world.


...In the Sacred Rebels Unleash Your Magic Workshop Intensive --
where spirit meets creativity to make not just masterpieces,
but movements + magic.

This challenged everything I thought I knew and made me see I am so powerful within.

“If you know that you were meant for more, and you're so tired of feeling like it's just beyond your reach, or like you can't quite make the pieces work, or that you've been failing and misunderstood and that's holding you back...that's not true. You just need to feel more confident in yourself, and the way to do that is to know yourself on the deepest level that you can. This Sacred Rebels Intensive challenged everything I thought I knew about being an artist, and made me see I am so powerful within.”

- Sarah Paikai, Founder
Speak Your Word

Sarah Paikai


Your best work happens by “accident”. An
idea strikes, you somehow hit creative flow, and magic just happens -- getting you seen + heard by the people in your industry.


Inspiration, creative flow, and magic are
tangible, and can be accessed on command -- wielded to get you known in the circles you travel.

Everyone believes that their source of easy, incredible creative flow
-- a.k.a. Their Magic -- is this intangible, allusive thing,
often hindered by unpredictable blocks and pitfalls. It’s NOT.


Your Innate Powers & Gifts + Your Creativity = Your Magic

In this 4-day, hands-on adventure for creators + magic makers like you, I can show you the missing pieces found within your core “soul DNA” -- a.k.a. the layers of your Aura energy system -- that will help you get to that tangible creativity where you’re no longer waiting for the muse or that hint of inspiration or getting stuck in doubt, fear or creative blocks.

Discover how you can leverage your soul essence to get you seen, instead of falling victim to its predictable pitfalls and shadows.

After this weekend with me -- belly to belly! -- you’ll be UBER clear on:

→ What Creation Magic™ is all about and why you want to unlock it.
How your Sacred Rebels Essences influence you, others, and your creative work.
→ How to integrate your innate power and gifts with your creativity to create not just masterpieces, but movements + magic.
→ How to stand powerfully in your muchness so you get seen + heard (even if you have anxiety around being judged or rejected)

And how to utilize all of the above to not only create, but to overcome roadblocks as well!

Because every Sacred Rebels Essence has its unique creative power -- and stumbling block.

For example:

If you're an

Essence of Autonomy,

you’re fiercely independent -- but you get stuck in busy work… taking action that doesn’t really lead where you want to go.

If you're an

Essence of Creation,

you’re a prolific creator -- but you get stuck in overwhelm… taking on too many projects at one time while struggling to complete anything.

If you're an

Essence of Courage,

you play powerfully in the possibilities -- but you get stuck in rules and limitations… checking out when things start to feel like they’re boxing you in.

If you're an

Essence of Harmony,

you’re the heart of every project and team -- but you get stuck in other people’s issues… taking responsibility for problems and people that just aren’t yours to fix.

If you're an

Essence of Expression,

you’re the voice of authority and truth -- but you get stuck in seeking validation… where the need to talk things out accidentally slides into the need for others’ approval before you step forward.

If you're an

Essence of Pattern,

you’re deeply insightful -- but you get stuck in the thinking process… trying to see every single piece and how it connects to the big picture before you are willing to execute the plan.

Imagine knowing exactly what is going to trip you up and having the tool
specific to your essence that will get you out of it!


*climbs over roadblock*


That’s why this hands-on workshop intensive will help you walk away feeling:

Clear in your next steps for interacting with your inner magic and creative work
Confident in your ability to handle hardship and setbacks with more ease + grace
Connected to the Divine and open to the inspiration available to you there
Empowered to create deep + meaningful relationships (and to release the ones that aren’t!)
Emboldened to speak up for yourself (and others!) with potency
Supported by people who get you
Grounded in tangible, practical tools you can integrate into your everyday life for epic results
And committed to creating a life you love

Your life is YOURS to create.

But you have to choose it.

“Do you have the courage? Do you have the courage to bring
forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you
are hoping you will say yes.”
— Jack Gilbert

How the Workshop Works:

Over 4 power-packed days, I’ll walk you through the
foundations of your unique Sacred Rebel essences and how to
use them to become a confident creator -- where you are wielding
the magic instead of accidentally stumbling into it.




Hands-on Practice


Hot Seats




And glitter- cannon FUN

...This live event is the foundation you need to become your most prolific, powerful, creative self on demandinfluencing your industry while still living an exciting, joyful, and ridiculously fulfilling life you love.

(Because if creation makes you feel like you’re locked to an iron ball in a cell, something is wrong.)

Meet Your Head Unicorn


Hi, I’m Deb! Soul Mapper, Magic Awakener, and Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging.

And expertly weaving personal development with practical woo and creation magic Is. My. Jam! I’ve spent the last 10 years navigating PTSD, the past 8 working with and helping creatives claim their power, and the last 5 exploring mind-blowing, life-changing elements of the intuitive world.

And I’ve mastered getting insane + amazing breakthroughs for both myself and my clients.


Now I’m opening up my entire “book of magic” to give you
everything I have. Everything I know.

All my experience teaching + mentoring hundreds of clients via group and individual settings about chakras, auras, intuitive gifts, and more


All my experience helping over a thousand creatives embolden their inner creator, power-up their process, attract stark raving fans, and more


The most glitter-bomb system for navigating your inner magic and transforming your
outer world

...So you can see you like I do.
...So you can PRACTICE harnessing the magic inside you.
...So you can stand more fully in ALL your gifts and fulfill the measure of your creation.

(And, truly, this is just the beginning.)

Get ready to dive into:



the foundational energy system that impacts every other energy system of the body.



based on the 7 layers of aura that I feel and see when I interact with people, this is the inner guidance system of visionary magic makers.



the spiritual + energetic gifts you have *beyond* your Sacred Rebel Essences that influence your creativity and provide more information about the people and world around you.



the journey of your inner and outer work as they move from birth towards death, like the life cycle of a star.

So you can put your hands on your Creation Magic™
-- and the confidence that comes with it -- anytime, anywhere.

I walked away with the power to take back my expertise.

“I was really impressed by how much Deb had to share with us and how much time she spent with us. It’s like she looked into my soul, found the words and put it on paper all wrapped up in glitter. I walked away with the power to take back my expertise in photography and move forward with my business and sacred creation. If anyone is on the fence about joining the Sacred Rebels Intensive, I say: Just jump in and do it! You won’t regret it.”

- Meagan Smith, Photographer
Transparency with Meagan

Meagan Smith

Event Details



Dates: June 4-7, 2020
Location: Salt Lake City, UT (SLC airport is your best option)
Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Salt Lake City Downtown

*More info on our group rate will be shared once you are registered.

What's Included:

4 days of instruction, hands-on experience, hot seats, Q&A, and workshop materials.

We’ll explore:

THE CHAKRAS - the foundational energy system that impacts every other energy system of the body. We’ll make a quick dive into what they are, the role they play, and why they matter to you + your magic.

SACRED REBEL ESSENCES - based on the 7 layers of aura that I feel and see when I interact with people, this is the inner guidance system of visionary magic makers. Discover the qualities and characteristics of each auric essence, which layers you need to pay attention to, how the essences might be showing up in your life, and what you can do to better utilize their unique gifts and powers to form better relationships and expand your sacred creation!

INTUITIVE GIFTS - the spiritual + energetic gifts you have *beyond* your Sacred Rebel Essences that influence your creativity and provide more information about the people and world around you. We’ll take a gander at the possibilities and help you with the first few steps to identifying + using yours.

PHASES OF CREATION - the journey of your inner and outer work as they move from birth towards death, like the life cycle of a star. Discover not just where your sacred creation is now, but where it is going and how to identify and interact with each phase. We’ll cover both the inner and outer journey through the cycle and how those can influence each other.

PLUS I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO INTEGRATE all of the above so you know exactly what steps to take in what order to get you out of stuck and into creating with confidence and courage.

BONUS: Because I want you to get the most out of the Sacred Rebels Unleash Your Magic Intensive, I’m also giving you a personalized Auric Compass… absolutely free! (Retail: $997)

Like a Myers-Briggs for your soul, the Sacred Rebels Auric Compass is an opportunity to identify the key, influential aspects of your aura — aka your “soul DNA” — that are impacting you, your relationships, and your ability to create.

There are over 2,744 combinations of auric essences that make up who a person is and how their creations manifest in the world. And within those essences there are both an aligned and a shadow expression.

For some, determining which essences and which expression of each essence (aligned vs. shadow) are presenting in their aura for this season can feel daunting.

I don’t want you to have to guess. I want you to know.

This kind of intense, intimate soul work requires time and space outside of a live event in order to get you the answers you desire, so we’ll meet before the live event to map your Compass and get you prepped for the most powerful live event of your life!

Debbie's depth of knowledge and insight into me, my business and my creation and how to marry them all together blew my mind.

“The Sacred Rebels Intensive was deep, expansive, and rewarding! Debbie's depth of knowledge and insight into me, my business and my creation and how to marry them all together blew my mind. I love how much she gives in each training and how generous she is in diving deeper when we had questions or thoughts. I only wish it was longer!”

- Krystal Holm, CEO
A Designed Life

Krystal Holm

But is this the next best step for you?

You + Me + Live Intensive = Magic, IF:

You are willing to play in the sparkle. You are open to the intuitive + spiritual aspects of life and are willing to discover more.

Your greatest desire is to contribute to the world in a meaningful way and you believe that is possible through your creative endeavors. I don’t have to convince you that creativity -- in whatever medium you play -- is meaningful or limited to paint on a canvas.

You choose curiosity over fear. You want to explore the possibilities in both yourself and your sacred creation. New ideas aren’t a threat, but an opportunity to grow.

You yearn to live in the fullest expression of YOU, as defined by self.

You are radically responsible for yourself and your situation.

You like having fun! (Because I’m gonna be firing glitter cannons + happy dancing at will!)

You take action. I can show you the stepping stones, but you are the one who actually has to move your legs.

You + Me + Live Intensive = Bad Idea, IF:

You prefer to complain and place blame. That won’t fly here. Trolls, mean people + blamers need not apply.

You have something to prove. I LOVE working with experts in their fields! But I eat shoulder-chips and egos for breakfast. If you’re more concerned with proving yourself right than in receiving what’s next, I’m not the droid you’re looking for.

You require perfection. If you’re not ready to let people (including me + you) be human and make mistakes, you won’t be happy here.

You’d rather focus on the drama of why “that won’t work” or how you “tried that once” than on new perspectives and possibilities. This experience is about growth, which happens outside the comfort zone. If you’re not up for that, this journey will feel like steel wool to the face… Neither of us want that for you.

You’re looking for a magic bullet or “band-aid” solution to a systemic issue. This isn’t a one-size-fits all pair of leggings. It’s a deep, intuitive system that integrates with other truths and requires vulnerability and work on your side.

Participating in this work would cause excessive financial strain. Enough said.

The Cost of Results



$675/mo x 4 months

($2,700 total)




(Save $203)



I’ve curated this ridiculous treasure chest of goodies when you claim your ticket now!!!


Deb In Your Life

Decision-Maker Bonuses:


Glitter Mixer

On Wednesday night (6/3), join me + other Sacred Rebel fire-starters for a party you’ll never forget!!! *dances to club music playing in head*


Magic + Money

Joe (the Money Master) and I will dish on how your soul essences could be affecting your money relationship + the tools needed to get it back in flow.


Special Q&A Call

Held 2 weeks after the event, get your post-event questions answered! What other event has ever given you a chance for more clarity after its over?

I honestly thought Debbie Burns was nuts when she said she could [see into my soul]… then she proved it… boy did she prove it.

“Thank you for bringing out in me what I had hidden. Thank you for my confidence boost and for believing in me. Thank you for seeing into my soul. I honestly thought Debbie Burns was nuts when she said she could do that (see into my soul)....then she proved it....boy did she prove it.”

- Jeanette Ortega, CEO
Ultimate Virtual Assistants, LLC

Jeanette Ortega


and other FAQs

Does that term light you up? Does it make you feel things inside? Is there a part of your soul that says, “YES! That’s who we are!!!!” or “PLEASE LET THAT BE ME!!!” Because you know you are designed to do something greater in and with your life — like transform yourself, your community, your industry and/or the world?

If so, you are a sacred rebel. Being a sacred rebel isn’t a birthright, it’s a choice. Are you in?

Easy peasy! Once you purchase your Unleash Your Magic Intensive ticket, I’ll schedule you for a 1-on-1 Auric Compass with me! (Including the multi-page report, guided walkthrough of the report, and 30-day follow up session! All included in the cost of your ticket.)

I’ve opened up my calendar so you can find out your unique combination before the event! Appointments are on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you grab your ticket and schedule your Sacred Rebels Auric Compass today!

My belief? If you are aligned and have received the intuitive hit to offer something to the world, then there are already people in the world asking for it. They speak their prayers and carry desire in their hearts and Source/Universe/Higher Power responds by tapping others on the shoulder to answer the call… to be someone else’s miracle. Our job is to rally our chutzpah and say yes.

Because I’m not teaching you untested theory or the same-old-same-old law of abundance regurgitations. I’m teaching you intuitive principles based on years of research and work with my personal clients. That's years of consistent results -- with BOTH intuitive and so-called “non-intuitive” peeps alike. And I’m having you practice in the room with me so you can experience everything live, ask questions, and get your answers. I connect everything back to your Creation Magic™ with practical application and doable steps that will give you the breakthroughs you are looking for.

I get results. Every. Time.

I believe that every step outside our comfort zone is a big investment and that tension you feel? That’s the stretch between your desire to choose what you want most and your brain’s auto-responder telling you that new and unknown equals death.

It’s time to get used to it because this path you’re about to take will not only cause you to step outside your comfort zone but live outside it.

And what I’m about to show you — if you apply it! — will return to you 10+ times your investment in empowered relationships and fulfilled living.

While I’d like to say absolutely yes… the truth is that I can’t guarantee anything. I recommend, if at all possible, that you try to join us at the upcoming intensive. I’d be so sad if you missed out on all the power and magic that I’ll be sharing LIVE in the room!

You do.

I get it. As busy humans it’s often hard to make space on the calendar, especially for an extended event! But you know what’s worse? Beating your head against the wall again and again and again because you can’t figure out how to move past this creative block that continues to get in your way.

So instead of thinking about what this opportunity will cost in time and funds, I’d encourage you to ask, “What’s it costing me by staying stuck? How is that impacting my creativity? My work? My relationships? My money? My love of self?”

Because your Future Self? I know she’s gonna tell you it was more than worth the 4 days.

We got you! Here are your options:.

1) ROLLOVER (30+ DAY NOTICE): If you notify us in writing more than 30 days out, we will apply 100% of your ticket purchase to the next Sacred Rebels live event! No fees or penalties involved.

2) ROLLOVER (15-30 DAY NOTICE): If you notify us in writing 15-30 days out, we will apply 50% of your ticket purchase to the next Sacred Rebels live event. The other 50% will be used to cover our expenses for the current event.

3) TRANSFER (15+ DAY NOTICE): If you notify us in writing at least 15 days prior to the event, you can transfer your ticket to another person. We will need you to send their name + email address to us via the email you used to purchase the original ticket.

All questions and requests should be sent to the Sacred Rebels Team at support (at) debbieburns (dot) me.

You are being called.

I see you, Rebel. I mean really see you — all of the intense pieces of you as a spirit, as a human, and as a creator that are lying dormant under the layers of life and culture that have been thrust upon you.

Layers that are heavy and make your sacred creation feel allusive, burdensome, always out of reach.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You are made of starlight and magic flows through your veins.

Let me show you how to connect those incredible pieces of you back to your Creation Power™ with practical application and doable steps that will give you the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

Are you in?

If you’re thinking about this intensive, know that "who" you are is worth investing in.

“The breadth of knowledge that Debbie gave us was phenomenal! Just having one person give me permission to be true to myself has helped me so much as I am continuing to lean into my gifts and develop them. Deb, thank you for seeing me. You showed me that I am NOT a round peg in a square hole. I am me. I am playful. It is who I am at a soul level and that is okay -- even beautiful.

If you’re thinking about this intensive, know that "who" you are is worth investing in and this is definitely something that can help you lean into yourself in ways that you haven't before.”

- Celosia Crane, Speculative Fiction Author

Celosia Crane

Before you go...

Dearest Sacred Rebel of My Heart,

Whether your sacred creation in this season is yourself, your creative work, or your business, it is time for you to unlock your Creation Magic™, create your most incredible work yet, and transform the world!

Because the world? It needs you. It needs your magic. It needs that thing that only you can provide.

Which is why I CAN’T let you back down. I can’t let you play small. I can’t let you believe for another nano-second that staying safe is serving your highest call.

So I’m here, working in spirit and magic, because I know -- I know -- that when sacred rebels are fully tapped in and turned on, they create extraordinary things.

Extraordinary change.

You are the one. The right one. The beautifully imperfect one who has been called to change the world.

I believe in you.

Loves & hugs,